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Converter HDMI F To VGA Dongle Netline 3  large
Converter HDMI (F) To VGA Dongle Netline
Deskripsi :
 Function of product 
This product is a portable HD adapter, convert VGA + Audio output through a standard definition of HDMI HD digital signal input.
Application of product
The product are widdly used in : dekstop computer/ note and mobile phone/ DVD/ tablet computer/ digital set-box/ player/ digital camera/ camera/ camera equipment such as the HDMI signal input, connected by the connector, TV/monitor/profector display divice. In order to solve the user display equipment connection scheme.
Features of product
1. Super small design concept, is the firt to carry.
2. Support plug and play, no need of power supply.
3. Product resolution of up to  720P/1080i/1080P.
4. Audio output : 3.5 audio jack / 3.5 To R+L.
5. Product input : HDMI/ Mini HDMI/ Micro HDMI.
6. Product Output : VGA + Audio.
*Harap konfirmasi terlebih dahulu untuk ketersediaan barang.
Rp 115.000,-

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