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Chronos Wireless Presentation System EZWPS 310 1  large  
Chronos Wireless Presentation System - EZWPS-310
Code : EZWPS-310
Deskripsi :
Key Features :
- WiFi-Doc Application
- Remote Desktop Control
- Plug and Show (PnS)
  Driverless installation from the PnS USB token
- Conference Control
  Select the connected PC or Mac for projection
- 4-to-1 Split Screen Projection
  Projecting 4 real-time images onto one screen for side by side data comparison
- Changeable OSD and Extended Screen
- AP-Client Mode and Auto Latency Control
- MobiShow support for iOS/Android/Blackberry: PtG and JPG files supported
- SNMP Manager: manage and configure multiple EZWPS-310 device(s) settings through
  friendly SNMP application
- Security design: Session Login Code, WEP/WPA key, and GateKeeper
- FPnS Plus: Fast Plug&Show+ with 30 FPS & audio projection for Win XP/Vista/7/8 & Mac
- 4-to-1 Plus: 30 FPS quadrant screen projection for Win XP/Vista/7/8 & Mac
- HDMI and VGA dual video interfaces 
PC-less presentation with mobility
- WiFi-Doc supports iOS 3.2+ & Android 2.2+
- WiFi-Doc supports office documents (ppt, doc, xls), PDF, TXT and JPG files stored in
 . iPhone/iPad
 . Android Phone/Pad
 . Internet Clouds such as Dropbox or Gmail
 Easy setting up and simple operation
- Driverless installation from Plug&Show USB token
- Changeable starting page
- Switching between interactive and video modes for auto latency control
- Remote PC/Mac desktop control
 Conference control for multiple users
- Up to 32 users logged-in
- One-click presenters switching
- Conference Control mode for moderator
- 4-to-1 split screen projection
 Convenient and secured network setting
- AP-Client mode for joining existing Wi-Fi AP
- Through IP or device name to hook up with web management page
- WEP/WPA/WPA2, Login Code and Gatekeeper security protection
 Remote Desktop Support
- Use a set of USB mouse and keyboard connected to EZWPS-310 to control the projecting
- Enable the Virtual Intelligent White Board function by using the IWB software running on PC
 WiFi AP-Client mode
- Allow EZWPS-310 to join the existing Wi-Fi Access Point wirelessly for exible network
deployment in enterprise environment 
*Harap konfirmasi terlebih dahulu untuk ketersediaan barang.
Rp 2.450.000,-

Jumlah :


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Pin BB: 54F39BD4
hp/whatsapp: 08161381688
telp:(021)30006163, Fax:(021)62304051

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